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Road to Freedom RV

Let us be the beacon of light that keeps you off the shoals of RV disasters and on the Road to Freedom.

Why Us

Certified NRVIA Inspector & Registered RVTAA Technician

Night Camping

25 Years of RVing Experience

Full-time Nationwide RVer

Fully Licensed and Insured

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RV Inspection Services

An RV inspection is a detailed, thorough inspection of every system, appliances, even furniture within the RV, to assess its proper working order and/or condition.  These are extensive inspections, often taking 8+ hours and providing you with 80+ photos within a report upwards of 100 pages.

Fluid Check

Fluid analysis can and should be performed at purchase and annually on the following:  

  • Class A & B:  Motor oil, engine coolant, transmission fluid, AquaHot systems, and hydraulic system;

  • Generators:  oil and coolant when applicable

Analysis can also be performed on your tow vehicle for the same systems as Class A or B motors.

Road to Freedom uses J&B Lubricants Laboratories

RV Maintenance

Here at Road to Freedom we offer annual inspection and maintenance items.  We also offer many of these services in a package format.  Ask about our annual Life and Safety Inspection.  Let us keep you and your family safe this and every season.  Offered services include:

  • AC performance check, cleaning and servicing

  • Water heater check and cleaning

  • Fresh water tank sanitizing

  • Roof inspection and sealing

  • Exterior and slide seal check and sealing

  • Tire check and inflation

  • Propane system leak check

  • Hitch and jack inspection and maintenance

  • Generator run test

RV Set-up & Walk-through

We know all dealers do a cursory walk-through with you at delivery.  However, for most this simply isn't sufficient.  I offer a personalized one-on-one session at your campsite.  I will walk you through setting up your new RV, including assisting you with creating a personalized checklist to follow for setting up and breaking down camp.  I also offer a thorough walk-through with you showing you how everything works in your new or new-to-you RV so you have complete peace of mind operating all your systems safely.


26 years of being around, using and researching RVs and RV living provides a wealth of valuable knowledge.  I offer pre-decision, pre-purchase consultations, as well as any other type of RV consulting you may need.  While the type and exact RV you should buy is a personal decision, I can and enjoy helping you make those decisions. I offer 1-hour sessions.  Reach out anytime and let's get you in the right RV and on the correct Road to Freedom for you!

Aerial View of Curved Road

Coming Soon!

As I have been a Professional CDL driver, safety officer, and trainer for many years, and after much request regarding this issue, Road to Freedom is currently working on a curricular for personalized one-on-one or two-to-one RV driver training.  This service, coming soon, will teach RV on-road safety as well as how to handle the road in your new large vehicle.  How to properly and seamlessly back into your site every time.  And more!  So, please, if that is something you would be interested in, hit chat and let me know.  Also, feel free to leave me any thoughts on this.  Please check back regularly for when this service comes out!

Campervan on Coast

What People Say About Us 

“I contacted Vin at Road to Freedom RV for a consult.  He provided prompt and professional services. Highly recommended!”

Bob Ravell

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